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  • The Post-Graduation Limo Ride Survival Guide

    Graduations are such a special occasion in your life. After all the tests taken and papers written, you’re finally ready for what’s next. What better way to step into the next phase of your life in some style? Hiring a limousine or party bus is the perfect way to make getting to a post-graduation party […]


  • Three Reasons to Go to Prom With Friends Instead of a Date

    Whether you’ve been prom planning since you were 12 or aren’t even sure whether you want to go yet, it’s important to realize that the social rules for this milestone have changed a lot in recent times. If you’re the type that doesn’t want to bother with the romantic aspect of it all, you’re in […]


  • How to Decide Where Your Group Should Eat Before Prom

    Prom is an exciting milestone, and planning for the big night can be a lot of fun. You and your friends probably want every aspect of prom night to be memorable—including your restaurant choice. Consider these aspects when choosing where to eat before prom, and make sure no one feels left out when making the […]


  • Four Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures in Chicago

    Chicago truly is a unique city. While it has skyscrapers and a booming business district like any other city, it’s also known for its beautiful outdoor scenery and activities. There’s plenty of family-friendly fun to discover beyond the hustle and bustle of the Loop. Here are four thrilling outdoor activities in Chicago that you can […]


  • A Parent’s Guide to Planning a Sweet 16 in Chicago

    Though some girls don’t want anything special for their 16th birthday, your daughter might be looking forward to a memorable party. Organizing a large gathering can be overwhelming for parents, especially if it’s their first time hosting an event of this size. Here’s a helpful guide for planning a sweet 16. Create a Budget Everyone’s […]


  • The Benefits of Sending Your Employees to a Conference

    Sending employees to conferences and industry events is more than just giving them time away from the office. Though it may seem like an inconvenience at first, there are several benefits for you and the staff who attend; what both parties get out of the experience may very well justify the expenditures. Learn about the […]


  • A Guide to the NBA’s All-Star Weekend

    The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) All-Star Weekend is an iconic event held annually during the NBA’s regular season. This star-studded weekend has various basketball games and contests that feature celebrities and many of the league’s stars. The 2020 All-Star Weekend was hosted at the United Center here in Chicago, so check out this guide to […]


  • Four of Chicago’s Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Spots

    With hundreds of intimate restaurants and bars, rooftop retreats, and stunning skyline views, Chicago is home to many of the most romantic settings in the country. Couples planning a limo ride and a night on the town for Valentine’s Day have plenty of options in the Windy City. Here are four of the city’s most […]


  • Tips for Watching the New Year’s Fireworks on Navy Pier

    For many people, New Year’s celebrations bring to mind fresh starts and big goals. Chicago’s Navy Pier is an excellent place to welcome the new year, consider new resolutions, and reflect on the past year. Here are some tips to help grab a spot and enjoy the fireworks show at the pier. Pre-event Planning Because […]


  • The History of Holiday Window Displays

    The beginnings of holiday window displays can be traced back to the days of the industrial revolution. Since many storefronts featured plate glass windows at the time, some business owners would create the grand displays that are so familiar now. Those displays would draw such crowds that the idea of “window shopping” was born. For […]


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