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  • Limousine Etiquette for Children

    Remember the movie Home Alone 2? There’s a great scene where Macaulay Culkin’s character takes a limo to the toy store. Along the way, he enjoys a hot cheese pizza in the back seat and drinks Coca-Cola out of a champagne glass. The scene works so well because the viewer sees just how much Kevin […]


  • Why You Should Order a Limo for New Year’s Eve

    New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights for going out, not just in the United States, but around the world. While celebrating the New Year is a joyous occasion, the pressure to make it an unforgettable night can end up being a little stressful. The demands of appearing at multiple parties or events, […]


  • The Best Options for Getting to Soldier Field

    Football fans visiting Chicago inevitably want to know two things: where can I get the best deep-dish pizza and what’s the best way to Soldier Field? Travelers with tickets to a Chicago Bears game have a few ways to get to the stadium, with many opting for the safety, convenience, and reliability of a car […]


  • Winter Holidays Around the World

      Winter around the world is a time when people get together with friends and family. They gather for good company on the shortest days of the year to share food and drink and, in the case of Chicago, stay warm inside. In many countries and cultures, winter gatherings have evolved over the years to […]


  • How to Keep Your Sanity While Traveling This Holiday Season

    Holiday travel is, at best, stressful and, at worst, dangerous. More people in the airport can create long lines and delays, while heavy traffic and frequent inclement weather combine to increase the risk for both small fender-benders and major collisions. From hiring a car service to strategically planning your travel times, travelers should try these […]


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