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Limousine for children

Remember the movie Home Alone 2? There’s a great scene where Macaulay Culkin’s character takes a limo to the toy store. Along the way, he enjoys a hot cheese pizza in the back seat and drinks Coca-Cola out of a champagne glass. The scene works so well because the viewer sees just how much Kevin is enjoying his life of luxury, living out a kid’s ideal of the high life. For many kids, riding in a limo is the peak of living it up. While there’s nothing wrong with young people enjoying a limo ride and being excited, it’s important not to get carried away. Here are a few etiquette tips for kids riding in a limousine.

Keep It Neat

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cheese pizza and a beverage in the back of the limo, but make sure to tidy up afterward. Limo service providers take great pride in ensuring that their vehicles are spotless for new passengers. Removing wrappers, empty containers, and other trash can help keep the vehicle clean for the next guests. Kids should never put their feet up on the furniture and definitely should not stand or jump on the seats.

Respect the Driver

A good driver will be part of the experience of making kids feel like royalty, but they also have a job to do. Kids should not ride up front or chide the driver to speed or drive dangerously in any way. For teenagers taking a limo to prom, drivers will insist that no underage drinking occurs in the car, and any such behavior can result in legal consequences.

Seating Situations

If a child is young enough to require special seating, parents should ask if the limousine service provides car seats, or if they need to bring their own. Most states do not legally require young children to be restrained in a car seat in a commercial vehicle, although many parents choose to secure their child. Children who are old enough to use seat belts should be belted in.

At Echo Limousine, our drivers are experienced with passengers of all ages. We are happy to provide limo service for families with kids flying into or out of O’Hare or Midway, or visiting from the suburbs. You can find more information about our car seats for children in our frequently asked questions. We also provide homecoming and prom limo rentals for teenagers. Text or call (773) 774-1074 to reserve your vehicle today.

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