How to Keep Your Sanity While Traveling This Holiday Season

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Holiday travel is, at best, stressful and, at worst, dangerous. More people in the airport can create long lines and delays, while heavy traffic and frequent inclement weather combine to increase the risk for both small fender-benders and major collisions. From hiring a car service to strategically planning your travel times, travelers should try these four sanity-saving tips when on the road over the holidays.

Leave Early

Travelers who are flying to visit friends and relatives need to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before the scheduled flight time. Airports are more crowded than ever over the holidays, so neglecting to leave enough time to go through security and reach the gate could result in missing the flight. Likewise, allowing extra time to reach one’s destination by car provides a buffer for traffic and detours.

Arrive Refreshed

The lower price of a red-eye flight or the sparsely populated late-night highways can be tempting for holiday travelers, but can seriously hinder the ability to eat, drink, and socialize upon arrival. If possible, make the most of holiday visits by arriving at a reasonable hour, even if the flight costs a bit more.

Keep Important Items Nearby

When traveling by air, always have an official ID, such a driver’s license or passport, and boarding pass on hand and ready to grab. Drivers should print out a hard copy of the route they plan to take. Travelers should pack an easily accessible bag with their wallet, a print-out of their flight and hotel itinerary, and their cell phone and laptop chargers.

Pack Some Snacks

Nothing puts a damper on a road trip faster than soggy fries at the drive-thru or unhealthy snacks from a gas station. Feel better and save money by packing healthy snacks like fruit and granola bars, along with bottled water.

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