How to Plan a Proper Bar Crawl Party

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How to Plan a Proper Bar Crawl Party - Echo Limousine

There are few better ways to soak up the fun in a neighborhood than by partaking in a good old fashioned bar crawl. While it may seem like an easy event to execute, a poorly planned bar crawl can quickly devolve into a booze-fueled logistical nightmare. Here are a few field-tested tips anyone can use to pull off a legendary bar crawl.

Stay Hydrated and Full

This is solid advice for any drinking event, but it’s especially important with the marathon of a top-notch bar crawl. Prepare those stomachs for waves of alcohol with a pre-crawl meal at a diner, taqueria, or really anywhere that has hefty portions of deliciously greasy food. It’s also a good idea to arrange for a strategic refueling later in the day, like before the last or second-to-last stops. And don’t forget to drink water throughout the night.

Keep Everyone Together

Have you heard the expression herding cats? Well, herding drunk friends is about the same degree of difficulty (with the added challenge that your friends probably weigh more than the average tabby). If you plan on walking the crawl, make sure the stops aren’t so far apart that people can get distracted and wander off to separate adventures. Better yet, rent a limo or party bus to keep everyone together from start to finish.

Give the Bars a Heads Up

If your crawl is going to have more than four or five people, it’s good etiquette to let the bars know you’re coming. This way you can avoid overwhelming the bar staff and they won’t be annoyed by the flock of inebriates on their sixth stop of the night pouring into their space. If your group is big enough and you ask nicely, they may even throw a drink special or two your way.

Of course, the most important rule when on a bar crawl or any drinking excursion is to be safe and responsible. Arranging for a car service to shepherd folks between stops or, if it’s a walking bar crawl, get people home at the end of the night, is the smartest way to ensure the night doesn’t end in catastrophe. Echo Limousine is Chicago’s highest-rated car and limo service, with drivers who can get your whole party home safe and sound. Text, call (773) 774-1074, or book online to reserve your bar crawl limo or party bus today.

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