Business on the Road: Tips for Getting Work Done While Traveling

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Work while travelling

Professionals who do a lot of traveling for work know that the road isn’t always the most ideal place for productivity. But it doesn’t have to be this way—with the right tricks, getting work done while moving from A to B can feel effortless. Here are a few tips for staying productive and getting good work done while traveling.

Plan the Work According to the Day’s Itinerary

Rather than waiting until you’re nicely settled in at the airport or in a car service, take some time the night before traveling to plan for the day ahead. Set aside a few quick tasks that are doable from the back of a limousine, or save the longer, more involved items on your to-do list for long flights and layovers. Knowing when the work will get done ahead of time will ensure that you’re ready to start as quickly as possible.

Anticipate Inconveniences

Reliable Wi-Fi and convenient power outlets aren’t always guaranteed on the road. When planning travel-day work, see what can be done offline in case the internet connection is spotty or nonexistent. It may be a good idea to save items like spreadsheets or email drafts offline so that they can be completed later without the convenience of Wi-Fi. Also, be sure to get a little juice from power outlets as they become accessible, and consider investing in gadgets like portable chargers and extra batteries for additional security.

Be Prepared to Get Creative

Whether you’re taking a car service, plane, train, or other form of travel, it’s always wise to expect the unexpected. Screens freeze, hard drives crash, and physical space may be limited, so have a plan B in place. You might try going old-school by printing out important documents in advance and getting work done pen-and-paper style. It may also be possible to download the work from a laptop to a phone or tablet.

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