Three Travel & Planning Tips for Your Next Business Conference

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According to a study by Oxford Economics and the Events Industry Council, there were over 1.9 million business meetings and events held in the United States in 2016. Whether it’s sales, academia, medicine, financial services, or advertising, just about every industry has at least one major event that draws people together to network and discuss the state of the profession. These events can be incredibly fertile ground for networking, professional growth, and more than a little fun. Getting the most out of a conference depends on learning a few of the tricks of corporate travel to ensure the conference is both productive and smooth.

Find a Good Place to Stay

Luggage bags at the airport

Conferences often book blocks of hotel rooms and offer them to attendees at reduced rates, but conference-goers shouldn’t feel obligated to stay there. There are plenty of great deals available online, and a place that’s comfortable and restorative will pay dividends. A tip: travel and hotel-booking sites notice when a user checks out the same deal multiple times and may hold or even raise the price knowing the user is interested. Try booking through a private browser like Google’s Incognito Mode for a better deal.

Travel with Your Suit/Conference Outfit

It’s a sad but unfortunate fact of corporate travel that airlines occasionally do lose luggage. Many a business traveler can tell the horror story of the time they had to attend a meeting in jeans and a sweatshirt because the airline lost their business clothes. Travel with a garment bag (some airlines even consider it a “personal item”) and avoid this fate.

Book Reliable Transportation

In today’s world of on-demand car service, professionalism is too often sacrificed for short-term convenience. Ride-hailing apps make users rely on thinly-vetted drivers who may not have the experience to navigate a major city’s traffic traps. They may not be dependable enough to ensure a customer gets to and from the conference promptly. Avoid the delay and go with a professional car service.

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