Moving to Chicago? Tips on How to Make it Through Your First Winter

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How to Make it Through Your First Winter in Chicago - Echo Limousine

With a name like “The Windy City,” Chicago’s chilly reputation precedes it. But many new Chicagoans are taken off guard by just how cold the winters really can be. Here’s how first-timers can make their winters more comfortable and safe.

Insulate All Windows

The city of Chicago offers some stunning views, but having several windows throughout one’s home means more opportunities for the cold to creep in. To cut down on heating costs while staying warm, put foam strips along the cracks of windows and doors to trap warmth inside. Affordable window insulation kits are also available throughout the city, and professional services can help if neither of these options seems to make a difference.

Keep a Supply of Hand Warmers

Even the best pair of gloves can’t always hold up to a Chicago winter. That’s why many locals or visitors here for a weekend getaway keep hand warmers in their bags at all times for when temperatures dip. These easily-activated warmers can be placed inside of gloves, shoes, or even hats to radiate heat during commutes or outdoor events, though opting for car services from the suburbs may be preferable for winter outings.

Bring Lunch to Work

Since Chicago is a culinary mainstay, it can be tempting to eat out for lunch. However, packing a lunch can do more than just save money; it also means workers won’t have to venture out into the cold to eat. Since cooking isn’t for everyone, delivery services like UberEats or Waitr can be a happy medium.

Don’t Skimp on the Coat

To survive a Chicago winter, investing in a thick coat made of quality materials, such as real wool, is crucial. A good coat will likely cost $100 or more, but it can prevent months of winter misery. Underneath the coat, be sure always to wear insulating layers. A nice coat that can survive winter is useless if it’s covering a single t-shirt.

Keep Essentials in the Car

Many Chicagoans opt to use public transport or book car services when traveling long distances, simply because driving during the winter can be so stressful. For those who do own a car, be sure to keep a shovel and an ice scraper in the back seat in case the car gets stuck in a snowdrift. Kitty litter can also absorb moisture from the snow and add friction to tires when they get stuck.

Navigating Chicago in the winter can be overwhelming, and it’s no wonder that so many locals opt for car services instead of walking through the cold. For more information about safe and warm transportation, call Echo Limousine at (773) 774-1074 to learn more about our car and limo services.

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