3 Tips for Navigating the Airport With Kids

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It’s no secret that traveling with young children presents unique challenges for parents. Getting just one kid through the airport, onto a flight, and out the other side is difficult enough, and it becomes exponentially more difficult with each additional child. But what’s a parent to do? There are relatives to be visited, family vacations to be taken, and a world of wonder for kids to experience. Rather than avoiding the airport, try these three tips for navigating the airport with kids.

1. Plan Ahead

This is a good tip for any travel, but it’s especially important for traveling with kids. Before leaving home, book a car or limo service well in advance and allow for plenty of time in case of unexpected delays. Print or download boarding passes and keep them somewhere easily accessible like a shirt pocket. Avoid shoes, belts, and other items that are difficult to take off and put house keys and other non-essential items in bags before going through security. Nobody wants to be scrambling to empty their pockets before security with kids in tow.

2. Keep Your Hands Free

When traveling with very small children or a baby, rely on a Baby Bjorn or similar item rather than a hand-held bassinet. Try to limit carry-on luggage to one backpack or bag that can be held without hands. This will free up the hands to keep kids out of trouble

3. Delegate Responsibility Whenever Possible

Don’t make things more difficult than they need to be. Avoid the hassle of parking by taking an airport car or limo service. If the airport offers a children’s play area, let the kids use it while you wait. Whenever possible, let airline or airport staff assist.

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