Three Ways to Help Stay Safe From COVID-19 While Traveling

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People are beginning to travel again for both business and pleasure as restrictions are lifted by cities and businesses across the country. Luckily, by packing essential tools and practicing safe habits, travelers can help minimize their risk of illness while flying, driving, and visiting new places. Here are three precautionary measures to take to help avoid contracting COVID-19 while traveling.

Pack the Essentials

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The most important items in your pandemic travel kit are all things you’re likely already very familiar with. Because mask-wearing is mandated in many areas of the country, you’ll want to bring several with you, including the one you’ll wear while traveling to your destination. Other essentials include hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, travel-size soaps and laundry detergents, and a thermometer.

Follow Basic Precautions

Wherever you’re visiting, following basic precautions is a key way to keep yourself, your party, and other people around you as safe as possible. You probably already know the ropes: avoid large gatherings, wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face, and maintain a distance of at least six feet from people who aren’t already in your group. You should also stay informed about the local rules, procedures, and restrictions of the place you’re visiting; cities, towns, counties, and states are all taking precautions differently.

Monitor Yourself for Symptoms

Getting sick while traveling is not a new phenomenon, but it’s now more important than ever to keep track of how you and your party are feeling throughout your trip. Monitor your temperature for fever daily, and watch out for any possible signs of COVID-19, including loss of smell and taste, flu-like symptoms, intense fatigue, and a dry cough. If symptoms appear, isolate yourself as much as possible and seek medical attention.

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