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  • How to Rent a Tuxedo for Prom

    Many teenagers attend their first formal event in high school: prom. This black-tie occasion requires young men to dress to impress in their finest rented tuxedo. What exactly does the tuxedo rental process entail, and what should you know before heading to the tuxedo rental store? Step 1: Choosing the Right Tuxedo Don’t worry, fellas—you […]


  • How to Plan a Relaxing Chicago Staycation

    Many Americans pay big bucks to visit the Windy City, but Chicago residents don’t need a vacation to explore their own backyard! Any local resident looking for a vacation without all the extra hassle and expense can take advantage of these ideas for a relaxing Chicago staycation. Explore Like a Tourist… It doesn’t matter how […]


  • Three Stats That Prove Traveling to Chicago Is Good for Your Business

    Chicago is the economic and cultural hub of the American Midwest, and one of the world’s great cities. Each year, business travelers flock to the Second City, drawn by its bustling economy, highly-skilled workforce, and fully-developed commercial infrastructure. These three statistics give a glimpse at what makes Chicago such a vital and prosperous part of […]


  • How to Plan an Unforgettable Sweet Sixteen

    Sixteen is the age teenage girls look forward to for years: it often means driver’s licenses, more independence, and perhaps dating. There’s only one 16th birthday, so the big day should be special! By following the steps below, any parent can plan a Sweet Sixteen birthday party their daughter won’t soon forget. Step 1: Choose […]


  • Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag After a Long Flight

    Jet lag is an unfortunate consequence of air travel; even seasoned travelers can experience that exhausted, malaise feeling after a long flight. It’s hard to avoid jet lag entirely, but these tips can help minimize its effects on the body. Rest Well Failing to get a good night of rest the evening before a flight […]


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