Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag After a Long Flight

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How to avoid jetlag

Jet lag is an unfortunate consequence of air travel; even seasoned travelers can experience that exhausted, malaise feeling after a long flight. It’s hard to avoid jet lag entirely, but these tips can help minimize its effects on the body.

Rest Well

Failing to get a good night of rest the evening before a flight sets travelers up for serious jet lag. Getting some shuteye the evening before the flight can help ward off that fatigued feeling. Eight hours of sleep before an early morning flight or an early afternoon nap before an evening flight can help prevent jet lag.

Enjoy a Drink

Water, that is! An in-flight cocktail might be tempting, but it can do more harm than good. That’s because the low humidity levels on an airplane can make passengers more prone to dehydration—and so can alcohol. Eight ounces of water for every hour of air travel can keep passengers hydrated, comfortable, and ready to conquer whatever the trip brings. Altitude can also change or worsen the effects of alcohol, so those who do indulge with a drink should book a car service for safe travels after the flight.

Get Up and Move

Of course, travelers need to remain seated for most of their flight, but it’s okay to stretch those legs. The occasional walk up the aisle or trip to the restroom can improve circulation and lower blood pressure to help passengers feel better during and after the flight.

Soak Up the Sun

The body’s internal clock resets itself daily by receiving a signal when sunlight enters the eyes. According to Howard Hughes Medical Institute BioInteractive, spending 30 minutes in the sun can help the body reset that internal clock. This can help the fatigue, anxiety, and headache associated with jet lag disappear sooner.

Eliminate the Stress of Transportation

According to Medical News Today, stress can worsen the effects of jet lag. Dealing with public transportation or renting a car to navigate an unfamiliar city can certainly elevate stress levels—long after the plane has landed. Whatever brings you to Chicago, let Echo Limousine eliminate the stress factor. As one of Chicago’s top-rated transportation companies, our professional drivers can handle all your corporate travel, vacation, and wedding transportation needs. Call or text us at (773) 774-1074 to learn more or reserve your limo, town car, or executive vehicle rental today!

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