Three Reasons to Go to Prom With Friends Instead of a Date

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Whether you’ve been prom planning since you were 12 or aren’t even sure whether you want to go yet, it’s important to realize that the social rules for this milestone have changed a lot in recent times. If you’re the type that doesn’t want to bother with the romantic aspect of it all, you’re in luck. More teens are taking friends to prom instead of dates, and here are a few reasons you should do the same.

There’s Zero Pressure

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You’re already spending time, money, and effort to look good for prom, and constantly making sure that someone else is having fun sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary stress. When you take a friend to prom, there’s no awkwardness and no one to impress, so you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

The Dancing is Better

Sure, slow dances are great and all, but getting down to Beyonce is where it’s at! There’s still plenty of room for some slow dancing—with whoever you want, not just the date you’re stuck with—in between hitting the dance floor with your friends to the beats that are way more fun.

Your Parents Will Chill

Dating in high school is hard, especially when you and your date have to follow each others’ parents’ specific rules. Yeah, it’s annoying, but what they’ve told you a million times really is true: they just worry about you! If they know your friend group and don’t have to worry about someone new coming in to whisk you away for the night, that can help ease their nerves about your big night out.

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