How to Decide Where Your Group Should Eat Before Prom

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Prom is an exciting milestone, and planning for the big night can be a lot of fun. You and your friends probably want every aspect of prom night to be memorable—including your restaurant choice. Consider these aspects when choosing where to eat before prom, and make sure no one feels left out when making the decision.


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Keep two locations in mind when choosing your pre-prom restaurant—the central spot your group is meeting at before the festivities (got to get those pre-prom pictures!) and the actual prom venue. The restaurant should be convenient for both locations; you don’t want to feel rushed during your meal if the restaurant is 30 minutes away on the other side of town. If you’re worried about transportation, encourage carpooling or renting a limo to keep your party together while arriving on time and in style.

Budget and Dietary Restrictions

If budget is an issue, decide on a core budget together. Be sure to be very clear, down to the expected cost per meal. For example, instead of saying, “I want to go to a reasonably priced restaurant” suggest that you want to go somewhere that dinner costs about $20 per person. Ask each friend in your party to suggest two restaurants within the final budget. Compare restaurant choices and map out their location in relation to the prom venue; this should help narrow down your options.

Make sure to keep all dietary restrictions and allergies in mind when choosing a restaurant. If anyone in your group has severe food allergies, call the restaurants you’re considering and see what kind of allergy accommodations they provide, if any. This may help eliminate some choices.

Making the Decision

Once your group has chosen a few restaurant options that meet everyone’s location, budget, and dietary needs, it’s time to choose the winner! Consider holding a group vote with a tiebreaker or, to make things a little more interesting, write down the names of the suggested places, put the pieces of paper in a hat, and choose one friend to pick out of the hat. Whichever restaurant gets randomly picked is the spot—and don’t forget to make reservations!

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