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Prom night is a magical and memorable occasion in a teenager’s life. It’s a rite of passage that most adolescents look forward to throughout their entire school careers. The formal wear, corsages, and slow dances are iconic, but everyone wants to arrive in style. Hiring a stretch limousine will ensure a showstopping arrival as well as safe transportation throughout the evening. These tips will help coordinate the car service, so everyone in the party will have a perfect prom. 

1. Choose the Best Car Service Company

When choosing a limousine for prom, parents and teenagers should research the best companies. Customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to get a good idea of a company’s experience and reliability.

2. Set a Time to Get Picked Up

Getting ready for prom will likely take a lot of extra time, so prom-goers should take that into consideration when they are planning a departure time. If a group is sharing a prom limo service, everyone should know when to expect the limousine’s arrival. Consider picking two central locations for all the girls and guys to get ready together.

3. Decide on an Itinerary

Decide in advance if the party will go to dinner before the dance. If so, the group should choose a location and make sure the driver knows ahead of time where they’ll be going. Since prom night is usually a busy time for restaurants, making reservations well in advance will make sure there are no delays.

4. Relax and Have a Great Time

The whole point of hiring a car service for prom night is so that everyone will have a great time. Parents can relax knowing their teens are in good hands, and teens can focus on looking their best and having fun, leaving the hassles of transportation to the driver. With these tips, everyone will have the prom of their dreams!

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