What Your Teen Should Expect on Their First Limo Ride

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What Your Teen Should Expect on Their First Limo Ride - Echo Limousine

Prom is a rite of passage for teenagers. A big part of this tradition is showing up to the party in a limo. For teenagers going on their first limo ride during prom or another event, here’s what to expect and how to stay safe.

Groups Should Be Small

In most movies and TV shows, the limos or party buses are bursting at the seams with partying teenagers. However, to keep everyone safe, it’s better to keep groups reasonably small. In addition to adhering to the passenger limits many car services have, this is also a good way to ensure the safety of the group when taking a limo to prom or any other event.

Understanding the Role of Chauffeurs

When transporting groups of teens on prom night, a chauffeur’s job is to bring them from place to place throughout the evening. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the chauffeur’s responsibility to make sure that they stay safe and sober when they’re not in the limousine. Parents should talk to their children about knowing their limits and how to have fun without drinking. Though highly-trained drivers can navigate the roads of Chicago safely, they shouldn’t be expected to be chaperones.

Chaperones Are Key

Because chauffeurs can’t keep an eye on groups of teenagers at all times, it might be a good idea to enlist an adult chaperone to take care of prom parties or other limo-riding teens. A younger chaperone, such as an older sibling or some other relative in their 20s, can help keep teens safe without making them feel like their experience is being too closely monitored.

Riding in a limo is a great opportunity for teens to experience fun and freedom on a night out, but their safety comes first. Echo Limousine has helped clients across Chicago get to events safely for years. If you are interested in booking a limousine for your teen’s prom or another occasion, view our rates online or contact us at (773) 774-1074.

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