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Gone are the days when limousine riding was for the rich and famous (or at least the “wannabe” rich and famous). Limousine companies today are providing all kinds of cool limo rides. But here are seven of the coolest reasons to have the ride of your life:

Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

cool limo Imagine that it’s your last night as a single guy or gal before tying the knot with your special friend for life. It’s a time for letting loose with friends and possibly going to a great music show in town or maybe a fancy restaurant with a deluxe bar. Don’t worry about one of you being the designated driver because you already have one.

Want to drive from place to place all night, that’s alright too. The driver will take you wherever you want to go and the party can continue with your group in the limo while listening to favorite music selections.

Get your cruise on!

A Touch Of Class

Talk about cool limo rides. What do you think your fifth grade class will think when you arrange for a limousine and chauffeur to roll up to your school. You instruct them to enter the limo where a whole class of 15 of you can comfortably sit? But when you and the shocked class roll up to Six Flags or Sea World, that’s when the fun really begins.

Movies To Go!

Why watch blockbuster movies the conventional way with home theater or your local cinema when you can have a fully stocked limousine with:

-HD television

-Pizza and ice cream

-Appropriate beverages for your rolling teen party

Cruise the city streets and country roads in style while your professional limousine driver gives you and your crew a super coollimo ride.


OK. You and about six or seven of your closest friends decide to pull a stunt that is sure to be on highlight reels. It is not illegal but you will have everyone’s attention.

The name of the spoof is “Rich Guy Acting Average.” Ready? Here’s the recipe:

  • Contact a limousine service and request limousine and chauffeur for the coolest of all cool limo rides. Tell them you wants a ride around town to various department stores such as Walmart, K-mart and Target.
  • Each of you fun-loving riders need to get measured for tuxedos and have them ready the day before the ride. Don’t forget the shoes, proper ties and socks and shirts.
  • Each of you but one will have ear buds that have a cord dangling down inside his tuxedo jacket. You will each need the same type of sunglasses to compliment the wardrobe.
  • On the day of the ride each of you will be properly groomed as to hair and other items that make you stand out as clean-shaven young men.
  • When the chauffeur drives up to your door he will be picking each of you up in a very spacious limousine. As each of you enters the limousine take advantage of all these amenities.
  • Give your driver a list of each place your group wants to be at. For instance, if your first stop is Walmart, have the driver pull up to the front door and stop as your whole group exits the vehicle. The “special one” will be last as he exits the limousine.
  • Form security around him and some distance away as well. The “special one” will take a grocery cart as you enter. By now the chauffeur will be parking with engine running at a relatively low populated part of the parking lot.
  • As the “special one” goes deeper into the store with his grocery cart and with his “security detail,” watch as customers and staff try to figure who these people are and who they may be “protecting.”
  • The “special one” will go down the bread aisle and grab a loaf of bread. Then the aisle with peanut butter and jams. He will make his selection. He picks up some apples and then on to dairy where he gets single serving milks that equal the number in the party.
  • Next stop in the store is the aisle with blankets where a large picnic blanket can be selected.
  • Now head to checkout so you don’t totally interfere with the workers and customers as they stare at you and your group. Tell the cashier, “My security team and I are having picnic today.” Give her/him a $100 bill and tell him to keep the change.
  • One of the team speaks something into his sleeve and the limousine comes in fast for a quick pickup and away you all go.
  • Repeat at store two and three.
  • Someone needs to be recording this as well for fun review with other friends as they talk about the day that you had a cool limo ride.

The Picnic

The day of the big work picnic or barbecue has arrived. Wouldn’t it just be great when this limousine drives up as close as possible to the picnic area and watch everyone stare as you and your family exit.

Your chauffeur gets out as well and opens the trunk as baseball gear is pulled out and the chauffeur carries it all to the group and even joins in. How cool!

A Home Run

It’s near the end of baseball season and you and four of your closest buddies have playoff tickets. Your team hosts the fourth game of five and the series is 3 to 1 in their favor. You eagerly arrange limousine service for you and your friends, which will drop you off right at the gate.

cool limo 2 Just Because

It’s not a birthday, anniversary or holiday. But today you have something special lined up for your special life partner. She drives home in the family minivan and enters the house to see that everything has been picked up and put away. The kids are at the neighbors for a sleep over and you tell your wife to quickly change into a nice evening dress.

By the time she comes downstairs you escort her to the door and she looks out to the end of the driveway to see a long sleek, elegant and black limousine with a chauffeur at the open door ready to receive his clients for the evening. She looks at you as if to say, “Why?” but the word doesn’t come out. Instead, you say, “Just because and dinner my dear, is waiting.”

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