Too Many Stags: 5 Ways to Deal With an Overbooked Bachelor Party

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Planning a bachelor party isn’t all fun and games; there’s a lot of pressure to make everything go smoothly. And a long guest list has its pros and cons. Pro: as Buzzfeed points out, the groom will be less likely to get bored; after all, a bigger crowd creates more of a party atmosphere. Con: as the best man, you have to manage all of the groom’s buddies; he shouldn’t have to deal with anything, including the bill.Luckily we’ve got 5 ways to help you handle overcrowding  

1. Divide and conquer

If you can’t think of how to fit everyone into your perfect venue or how to manage the crowd at a strip club, don’t. Have a big bash for the extended guest list and a separate VIP event for the groom’s closest friends. This is a good way to avoid guests separating into cliques within the party, which Huffington Posts warns could be a problem with big groups who don’t all know each other.

“Back in the Paleolithic era when a caveman was getting hitched, he brought along 20 of his buddies to aid him in hunting down a mastodon. That’s how they did bachelor parties back then.”

“We have the luxury of not having to invite the entire village to track our metaphorical mastodons. It’s not necessary. In fact, it can actually hurt the vibe. I have attended too many bachelor parties where the guest list is way overloaded.”

Having a smaller event for those closest to the groom will allow real bonding to happen as well as wild antics.

2. If you’ve got a big group, call ahead

In addition to the fact that many restaurants, bars, and other venues may require you to book a reservation (the size of group that requires this depends on where you’re going), servers and other staff will likely appreciate the warning.

If they are given the chance to prepare for a large and rowdy group, their night will be less stressful and so will yours. Furthermore, you don’t want to find out the night of that your preferred party spot doesn’t have the resources to handle such a big group!

3. Plan with the numbers in mind

As hinted at with #2 on this list, not all venues are up for parties of 30 people. In addition to calling ahead, consider what’s appropriate depending on the size of the group.

A pack of 30 guys in a strip club could be a mess, while those same guys booked to play laser tag or play video games could have a great time without driving the staff crazy. And if you’re in Chicago, there’s a way to get anyone out of the house. Gamers can party it up at Ignite Games (which does host private events), and the city has multiple laser tag and paint ball parks. Follow it up with some drinks and you’re set.

4. Plan with the groom in mind

Don’t worry about not following the usual bachelor party script; as long as what you have planned is fun, doing something unusual will just make it more memorable. It’s about the groom and his personality. If he would rather spend his time at a steakhouse than a strip club, don’t feel obligated to force the strip club tradition on him. Maybe he would be more comfortable hitting a ball game during the day, then a good dinner, then maybe a bit of a pub crawl at night.

Some will see a strip club as a rite of passage. Others will see it as an expensive waste of time. As best man, you should know how your groom will feel.


5. Book Transportation Early

Square away your transportation early, because it’s one of the most important parts of the entire evening. DO NOT leave this until the last minute.

Remember, when you’re booking your transportation, you’re doing much more than helping your broom feel balla’. You’re actually now entrusting your entire schedule to your driver. If your day includes getting from the golf course, to the hotel, to the restaurant, to the bar, you need everything to go smoothly. Make sure the company you book has experienced drivers, who know how to get a group of distracted men from point A to point B, or C, D, and E, if need be.

Also, don’t be afraid to go big. Spending a little bit more can pay off huge dividends in comfort. Choosing a bus limo over a stretch limousine can mean the difference between fitting dozens of guests in one vehicle, versus around a dozen.

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