Don’t Drink? How to Have an Amazing Booze-Free Birthday

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In today’s society, the risks of over-drinking are more openly discussed. Due to dangers of drunk driving and other associated issues, more and more people are opting for non-alcoholic options.

Despite this, alcohol is still seen as the main ingredient for any good party, especially birthdays. Here are a selection of ideas for a sober birthday that will impress your guests and leave a smile on everyone’s face.

Throw a mocktail party

Although non-alcoholic drinks have had a bad reputation at parties for many years, opinions are beginning to change.

Witness the rise of the mocktail. Invite your friends to make fun non-alcoholic drinks like virgin strawberry daiquiris, piña coladas and sorbet coolers, and convert them to the mocktail lifestyle.

For the lazy types out there, Crystal Light and other drink companies now sell mocktail mixes, and the party starts when you just add water. They are suitable for anyone, from the under-aged to the pregnant. Lifemartini describes mocktail parties as “the most happening parties this season.”

Go Skydiving

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Unfortunately, road trips may not be the best idea, in terms of schedules and some things called “real life” and “responsibilities.” So instead, take to the air and throw yourself out of a plane for fun. Live the dream of man and flightless bird alike and soar free amongst the clouds, until your instructor deploys the chute at least.

Sean Maki talks about the sense of zen he experiences whenever he dives, “You’re thousands of feet away from everyday life, surrounded by the vast blue sky while flying.”

Your inner child will thank you.

Go Scuba Diving

Okay, so you’re afraid of heights. That’s fine. Some people have an issue with flinging themselves out into the vast blue sky with nothing more than a glorified backpack to keep them alive (if you can truly call such people “alive”).

You can still get your zen on with scuba diving. Writing for the Guardian, Lorraine Fisher is clearly choked up while giving some details on her diving experiences, “I’ve choked back tears as a turtle allowed me to swim alongside her in Borneo, stroked the tail of an angel shark lying buried deep in the sand in Lanzarote and chased after a myriad stingrays all over the world.”

Sounds a bit better than that time your pal Dave upchucked in your shoes, right?

Throw a murder mystery party

Nothing livens up an evening like a good murder. Sign up with Night of Mystery and organise a murder mystery night for 8 to 80 people. Parties follow multiple themes, from “Terror in a Toga,” the Wild west, all the way up to “Murder in Sin City,” letting your imagination run wild in a time period of your choosing.

You can even come up with your own plot, but if it’s your first time, consider going with something pre-prepared to avoid any unexpected mix-ups. Donna Pilato of recommends holding it at home, since during her previous experience in a restaurant “it was impossible to hear much of the dialogue, let alone many of the clues, amidst the restaurant confusion.”


Follow the advice of Zapp Brannigan and let the ancient art of karaoke rule your party. Belt out some Bon Jovi, croon some Shania Twain, and twist your vocal cords around the Darkness. There are plenty of karaoke bars that will allow you to rent a room for your party at reasonable rates, or if you’re in the mood for a big enough party, you can rent or buy your own machine to use at your leisure.

Nicole Stevenson at describes her backyard karaoke party: “It was awesome not to have to wait to sing, pay for drinks or be embarrassed when we sang off key or had bad timing.”

Go to a theme park

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Everybody loves rollercoasters. Everybody loves haunted houses. Everybody loves water rides. Everybody loves theme parks. Everybody worth hanging out with, at least. Spend the day tearing up the rollercoasters, eating corndogs and trying to dry off at a theme park. For a small entry fee, you get full access to every ride until close. Some parks even offer specials for birthday groups, so be sure to check that out.

Hunter Underwood recently celebrated his birthday at Universal Orlando, and took advantage of the resort’s CityWalk clubs .”The UOR Team Members are great in engagement for a birthday celebration, especially if you’re wearing one of the celebrating buttons,” he said.

Hit the road, Jack

Save the money you and your friends would be spending at the bar and splurge on a roadtrip. Echo limousines offer reasonable prices and always know the best places to go. Rolling up in a limo is a lot more impressive than getting rolled out by bouncers. It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with your best friends.

Sebastian Canaves of Off The Path asks, “When is the last time you really had time for your friends and really caught up? Use a road trip to talk about everything that you also used to share when you were kids. Something got lost in the transition from teenagers to adults. Catch up!”

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