A Parent’s Guide to Planning a Sweet 16 in Chicago

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Though some girls don’t want anything special for their 16th birthday, your daughter might be looking forward to a memorable party. Organizing a large gathering can be overwhelming for parents, especially if it’s their first time hosting an event of this size. Here’s a helpful guide for planning a sweet 16.

Create a Budget

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Everyone’s budget for a sweet 16 will be different. You should ask your daughter how many of her friends she plans on inviting. From there, you can start to think about how much you’ll end up spending on the venue, food, and decorations. Several months in advance, you should ask your daughter if she would be open to co-hosting her party with her best friends or girls who have birthdays in the same month. This can help you spread some of the costs between a few families rather than footing the entire bill. If you decide to co-host the sweet 16, it can be fun to rent a stretch limousine for the birthday girls so that they can arrive separately from the other guests.

Select a Date and Venue

Parents who have a home that’s ideal for hosting large parties may not need to find a venue. But if it’s within your budget to book a location, it can take a lot of pressure off of you. Many venues will take care of setup, catering, and cleaning, which means you can focus on enjoying the party. The sweet 16 doesn’t have to take place on the date of your daughter’s birthday, especially if you can get a better price on the venue on a different day. This way, you can have a small, more intimate party with your family and close friends at home on your daughter’s actual birthday.

Pick a Theme and Plan the Menu

Themes make any event more memorable, and they give your daughter a chance to imprint her personality on the party. You and your daughter can plan the decorations, create a playlist for dancing, and think of games for your guests to play. If you have a coherent theme, you can incorporate this into the invitations when you send them out. You should also decide together on the food and drinks to serve your guests. Most caterers have options that can accommodate many common food allergies or dietary restrictions.

For a fun and memorable sweet 16, you’ll have to plan out the details and collaborate with your daughter. To add some extra glamor, you can rent a limo so that your daughter can ride to the party with her friends and feel like the star of the show. At Echo Limousine, our drivers are highly professional and have years of experience in the Chicago area. We pride ourselves on providing each client with an enjoyable experience. To reserve a limousine for a sweet 16 in Chicago, call or text us at (773) 774-1074.

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