Tips for Impressing High-End Clients and Guests

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Tips for Impressing High-End Clients and Guests

It’s always a little stressful when you’re expecting an important out-of-town visitor or high-end business client. The key to a successful meeting is preparation, and there are luckily a number of simple ways to impress guests while also tending to the business at hand. Here are a few tips for accommodating, and impressing, VIP clients and guests.

Dress for Success

This one may seem obvious, but it’s truly one of the easiest ways to make a lasting positive impression on your next high-end contact. Alert your staff well in advance of the important guest’s arrival date, and ask that everyone plan to upgrade their work wardrobe accordingly. If the office is used to dressing more casually on a daily basis, aim for more traditional business attire—think suits, ties, and jackets for men, and pantsuits or business skirts for women.

Plan to Meet Outside the Office

Another easy way to impress a VIP guest is to move the meeting somewhere a little more formal. Chicago has no shortage of restaurants, bars, and other communal spaces that are sure to impress visitors. Simply choose the right venue, have a car service in place, and have all of your presentation materials ready for the big day.

Bank on Transportation

What shows an important client or higher-up that you mean business more than a top-notch limo service? Treat your guest to a luxurious ride from the airport to the meeting place, and consider taking the car service back out later for a personalized tour of the town. Your guest will appreciate the convenient, comfortable mode of travel, and they’ll notice that you have taken an extra step to make their visit special.

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