Five Reasons to Choose Echo Limousine for Corporate Travel

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Among Chicago limo services, Echo Limousine is arguably the best based on the quantity and quality of Yelp, Google+, and Google Seller Rating reviews. The company particularly shines in corporate travel and professional chauffeured service from small businesses to large corporations.

  1. On Time – For business limo services, arriving on time is paramount. Ten minutes late for a flight or critical appointment may as well be 10 hours late. The company has over 200 vehicles at its disposal through affiliates to meet any last-minute travel, including large convention groups. Echo Limousine is now implementing an “on time guarantee” to ensure business travelers and their guests are picked-up and brought to their destinations at the time requested.
  1. Knowledgeable – Business people want results. Echo’s chauffeurs understand timeliness is imperative. Most have seven years professional driving experience in luxury transportation. The office staff has over 30 years of experience.
  1. Ambitious – Who better understands corporate travel than entrepreneurs? Echo Limousine is a business first. Its staff works hard daily to provide reliable, quality limo services at reasonable rates. Like many profitable companies, that’s part of Echo Limousine’s business plan for productivity and success. Read what others say.
  1. Tech-Savvy – Echo Limousine loves IT. Its owners are early adopters of new software and platforms. Their smartphone app lets customers create a digital profile, check prices, schedule pickup, store addresses, and be notified when the driver is en route, among other functions. Nearly all mapping and customer rating channels are accommodated and routinely monitored.
  1. Focused – Business people understand focused growth. And so does Echo Limousine. From airport pickups to various point-to-point transportation limo services, corporate travel is a specialty. There are no side businesses or other distractions.

When it comes to booking transportation for a corporate event, Echo Limousine is the obvious choice. They provide everything needed to get customers from point a to point b on time and with sophistication.

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We offer seamless transportation services in Chicago, with rides to and from airports, surrounding suburbs, and out-of-state destinations. Navigate Chicago with ease by choosing Echo Limousine for your next trip.

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