How to Travel for Business During the Holidays

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Travel for Business During the Holidays - Echo Limousine

The holiday season is a chaotic time for travel of any type. It’s especially hard on business travels who must often contend with the delays and stresses of the end of the year without the benefit of being on vacation. Still, the gears of the global economy don’t stop between Thanksgiving and New Years. Holiday travel, especially for those who work internationally, is often unavoidable. For those who must do it, here are three tips to make holiday travel for business as stress-free as possible.

Book Well in Advance

This is a good tip for any time of year, but it’s especially helpful during the holidays. While at other times of the year a business traveler might get away with being a little more flexible, things just book up too quickly from Thanksgiving on. It’s not just hotels and flights, but dinner reservations, car service, event spaces, and more all become harder to book. Business travelers who have the luxury of time to plan should use it to nail down as many details as possible in advance.

Travel Light

One thing that can really throw a wrench into a work trip is lost luggage. With more travelers and more luggage, the chances of this happening increase during the holidays. Pare down luggage to just carry-on if possible. If one has to travel with large sample cases, blueprints, or bundles of documents, try using a shipping company to send them to the destination instead.

Shop on the Go

If traveling for business is a necessity, why not take out two birds with one stone? Getting holiday shopping done on the go is a smart way to maximize efficiency while traveling. Friends and family will appreciate getting unique gifts from other cities, and travelers will appreciate using downtime on work trips to cross shopping off their list. Plus, shopping for someone else can be a nice way to see a new city and a welcome distraction from work.

If you are coming to or leaving from Chicago for work travel this holiday season, let Echo Limousine handle all of your corporate transportation needs. We provide convenient pickup and drop-off at Midway Airport and O’Hare Airport. If you are traveling as part of a large group, we have executive vans big enough to handle your whole team. Our experienced and friendly chauffeurs will make sure you get where you need to be on time so you can focus on the work at hand and then get home for the holidays. Text (773) 774-1074 to book today.


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