An Admin’s Guide to Planning a Business Trip for Your Boss

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's Guide to Planning a Business Trip for Your Boss - Echo Limousine

Planning corporate travel, especially for high-level executives, can be a demanding juggling act. Add to that trips to foreign countries and/or multiple destinations, and there is a multitude of things that can go wrong. Without careful planning, a business trip can quickly become mired in delays, inconveniences, and, worst of all, missed opportunities. Keep these tips in mind when organizing corporate travel to ensure a smooth, successful, and worry-free trip.

Cater to the Individual

Different people have vastly different traveling styles and want different things from their flights, hotels, car service, and dining options. It’s important to know the details about what the traveler (or travelers) prefer and endeavor to accommodate those preferences. For example, do they like a window or an aisle seat on the flight? Will they be using the hotel’s fitness center or are they more interested in the spa? Do they want to turn heads in a stretch limousine or are they interested in a more discreet town car?

Be Detail Oriented

Any trip is made up of a number of details—a misstep on any one of them could lead to a headache. Make an effort to think through all the details by taking a mental ‘dress rehearsal’ through the steps, focusing on the details at each point. What travel documents are required? Is there a time difference to account for? What’s traffic like at the time of day before and after the flight? These and a thousand other details will be considered and planned for by an adept admin assistant.

Work Within a Budget

This might seem obvious, but it bears repeating because it’s very easy for corporate travel arrangements to go over the trip budget. One way to tackle budgeting is to have a total budget in mind for the trip and then break it down into smaller component parts. Prioritize those parts in order of how much they cost and how critical they are to the trip as a whole, then cascade the surplus/deficit for each expense. That way, if money is short, then it will be for smaller and less consequential points on the itinerary.

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