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business elite travel2 Traveling for business, and even for pleasure, can be a stressful experience at best, if you are not prepared properly. And if you’re out of the loop on vital information that can make your overall travel experience a more enjoyable endeavor, this won’t help.

Most travel insiders will tell you that they have learned from experience that not being aware of certain travel perks can be detrimental to your trip. It will take away from its potential to be one of the best corporate traveling experiences that you have ever had.

Here are some tips and tricks for making travel easier and more enjoyable. After trying them, you will never again be able to say that traveling is not fun. Time away from your family may be the only bad thing about it and you will find out why by reading further.

If you use all of these tips towards your next business trip, you will never again have a bad travel experience if you can help it.

Pre-travel Checklist

1. Pack smart and pack light

Every regular business traveler knows, after the first few times of traveling, that packing a lot of items and pieces of clothing is a huge mistake. It can very well be avoided by simply packing smarter, and, therefore, lighter. You do not want to be carrying around a big and heavy suitcase along with your laptop, iPad and document bag. It is not necessary to do so.

What is necessary, though, is to pack clothing pieces that are versatile and will go with every other piece of clothing that you have packed. Pack travel-sized items of toiletries. Roll your socks. Pack one pair of versatile shoes that go with everything, casual and business. Doing this will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run.

2. Get a travel credit card

If you do not already have one, a credit card that caters to frequent travelers will give you extra traveling perks. Every set of credit card advantages are different. So it is best to research each available credit card and see which one fits your purposes precisely. Some cards even award holders with an annual free trip. The only downside to these credit cards is that the annual fees are usually a bit higher than general credit cards.

business elite travel 3. Get the best seat on the plane

If you do your research, mostly online, you may be able to find the seat that you have always wanted. There are numerous websites available on the internet that allow you to scan through your own flight’s seats. See which are available and you may even get a discounted rate as opposed to what you have to currently pay.

Some business elite travel experience upgrades may charge a small fee, though. What truly matters is what appeals to you.

4. Some days are cheaper than others

When you start to find out which days are cheaper for you to fly on than others, your wallet will start to, finally, get bigger than smaller. Be smart about traveling and realize that booking Friday through Sunday is the most expensive mistake you can make. Fly into your destination on a Monday, instead, saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

5. Join a frequent flyer miles club

Most of you who are reading this have probably already seen the benefits of what a frequent flyer club can do for your wallet. Being a part of just one of the many club choices can save you thousands of dollars. This will surely give you a business elite travel experience like no other.

6. Make a meals request

Ordering a special meal before you actually board your flight will allow you to be one of few to be served your meal before anyone else gets their chance to even ask for a bag of peanuts. Thinking ahead of everyone else will certainly place you ahead of everyone on the flight crew’s priority list. It will also allow you to get the extra rest time before arriving at your destination.

7. Check in ahead of time

This goes along with doing everything ahead of time that is possible. Having a business elite travel experience is your ultimate goal. Whenever you do something ahead of when you actually are required to do it, you have reached travel elite status.

You can accomplish this task by simply logging in on your airport’s website or using the required application on your smart phone.

8. Arrange for a limo to and from respective airports

A limo will offer you chauffeur services, cutting down on vehicle traveling stresses. You also have ample room for you to relax and drink from the limo’s complimentary wet bar. The limo experience will greatly increase your business elite travel experience to one of luxury.

In Flight Checklist

business elite travel3

1. Introduce yourself

Once you arrive on your plane, introducing yourself to the head flight attendant as well as the flight crew will greatly increase your travel pleasure. Knowing them by name and them knowing you by name will make the flight more personable and homier.

Being polite with any requests that you may make will usually get you preferential treatment. The flight attendant does this every day and having someone that they can be familiar with and talk to during the flight makes their day a little bit brighter.

2. Ask ahead of time

Here is that “ahead of time” again. Every regular traveler will tell you that it is a smart thing to ask for pillows and blankets ahead of everyone else. This is so that you are not caught with having nothing to make the flight more physically comfortable to you. The thing is, some may already know this secret and so the pillows and blankets may go faster than expected.

Having a business elite travel experience means getting your pillows and blankets before someone else takes them.

3. Fly to a less popular destination

This is actually something that you should do before you board your actual flight. Purchase a ticket for a flight that is going into a less desirable airport overseas.

London and Paris airports are very expensive because they are more desirable than those in Dublin, Ireland or Munich, Germany.

4. Stay healthy

Do not indulge in what looks like heavenly food. Stay true to your diet and eat this only moderately while eating mostly healthy dishes. Stay away from those popular sugary drinks and opt for bottled water or unsweetened tea instead. Give yourself the business elite travel experience. Take advantage of your hotel’s complementary fitness room.

5. Ask and you just may receive

If you don’t ask for upgrades, you won’t get upgrades.

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