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Chicago is known for having some of the most colorful and exciting festivals in the nation, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the commotion. From planning car service transportation to staying safe, here’s how to ensure that these festivals stay fun for everyone.

Pack Smarter, Not More 

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First-time festival goers may feel compelled to pack everything from binoculars to a pantry full of snacks. Even though it might feel better to be thoroughly prepared for any situation, it can also bog the experience down by adding a heavy backpack into the equation. When packing, it’s smarter to focus on the essentials: suntan lotion and bug spray take precedence over that third pair of stylish sunglasses.

Plan Transportation Ahead of Time

Festival-goers should expect to be exhausted after a day of dancing and standing in the Illinois heat. And just because the festival isn’t Illinois Craft Beer Week doesn’t mean festival goers won’t be drinking as well! Even for those who aren’t drinking, it can take a load off attendees’ shoulders to know that transportation is planned in advance through a booked car service. Plus, planning transportation in advance means less time waiting for a taxi or car service at the end of the evening.

Look Up Regulations in Advance

Chicago offers a vast array of festivals, from August’s Chicago Jazz Festival to September’s Great American Lobster Fest. Although all of the festivals offer a fun time, they all also have different rules and regulations. There’s nothing worse than having to leave items in a car or party bus upon discovering they’re prohibited from a certain festival, so read the regulations online before leaving home.

Bring Portable Chargers

Festivals can go from fun to fearful when attendees get unexpectedly separated from the friends or family they came with. In today’s age, cell phones are a must not only for communication but also for navigation. In order to prevent getting dangerously lost or separated, pack portable phone chargers, and be sure to charge phones in the car service or other event transportation on the way to the festival.

Stay Hydrated…at All Costs

Chicago’s festival season really takes off in the spring and summer. Although it’s a beautiful time in the city, it can also get extremely hot. This can be particularly tricky when certain festivals don’t allow patrons to bring water or other drinks into the festival. In order to stay safe and prevent heat-related illnesses, plan to spend money on water if necessary. Although it may be overpriced, it’s worth it to prevent a trip to the hospital.

The Chicago festival season is one of a kind, but it’s important to stay safe and plan ahead in order to fully enjoy it. To get started planning, check out our rates and transportation options online or call us at (773) 774-1074.

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