How to Avoid Acting Like a Tourist When Visiting Chicago

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How to Avoid Acting Like a Tourist When Visiting Chicago - Echo Limousine

Chicago has earned its reputation as a major tourist destination thanks to its many museums, restaurants, nightlife spots, and other attractions. But how can you experience the city without seeming like a tourist? Here are a few tips for avoiding acting like a tourist in the Windy City.

Don’t Compare Chicago’s Food to Another City’s

Chicago is big on all kinds of cuisine, and locals can be very defensive when it comes to their favorites. One of the quickest ways to act like a tourist and bother virtually everyone at a restaurant is to talk about how your home city or town has a better version of a dish than Chicago does. This no-no is especially important when pizza’s on the menu, as Chicago locals are perhaps more proud of their deep-dish pies than any other food.

Remember the Classic Names of Landmarks

Another easy way to mark yourself as a tourist is to start using the “wrong” names when asking about or referring to major local landmarks. For example, the stadium where the White Sox play should always be referred to as “Comiskey Park,” and the Willis Tower is still called by its old name, the “Sears Tower,” by locals. If you’re taking a car service around town, your driver will know the city well and should be able to help you sound more like a native Chicagoan.

Embrace the City’s Sports Culture, but Carefully

The residents of most major American cities take their local sports teams very seriously, even if they don’t win very often. Chicago is no exception. Feel free to bring up the latest sports news as small talk or a way to pass the time, but don’t let the conversation get too heated. No matter what your opinions are about Chicago’s teams, it’s best to keep things civil if you want to avoid seeming like an obnoxious tourist.

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