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  • How to Plan an Unforgettable Sweet Sixteen

    Sixteen is the age teenage girls look forward to for years: it often means driver’s licenses, more independence, and perhaps dating. There’s only one 16th birthday, so the big day should be special! By following the steps below, any parent can plan a Sweet Sixteen birthday party their daughter won’t soon forget. Step 1: Choose […]


  • Three Tips to Help Parents Prepare for Prom

    If your son or daughter is getting ready for prom, first, congratulations! This is an exciting time for teens and their parents, with the end of the school year, graduation, and the future so incredibly close. With so much going on, taking time to stop and cherish the moments can be difficult. If you find […]


  • Three Benefits to Booking a Limo for Prom

    For most high school seniors, prom night is the single biggest event on the social calendar, a final hurrah with friends before graduation. Prom should be a night to remember forever, for all the right reasons. Booking a limo service to handle the transportation needs benefits both parents and students. Make It Easy on Parents […]


  • What Your Teen Should Expect on Their First Limo Ride

    Prom is a rite of passage for teenagers. A big part of this tradition is showing up to the party in a limo. For teenagers going on their first limo ride during prom or another event, here’s what to expect and how to stay safe. Groups Should Be Small In most movies and TV shows, […]


  • Four Tips for an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

    A wedding is an incredibly exciting time for any woman, but the bachelorette party comes first. Here’s how to plan a party no one will forget. Theme the Night Bachelorette parties generally involve a night on the town, but having a theme is a great way to set it apart from a normal evening. Whoever […]


  • Four Apps All Executive Assistants Should Have

    Executive assistants face a variety of tasks and responsibilities every day, so they must always be organized, focused, and punctual. Luckily, there are many helpful mobile apps on the market to make the job easier. Here are four must-have apps for executive assistants. Dropbox Cloud storage is a relatively recent technology that has made file […]


  • The Great Debate: Professional Car Service or Public Transportation?

    Public transportation options like cabs, trains, and buses are great for everyday professionals and commuters, offering a convenient and affordable way to get from A to B as needed. But when needing something a little more reliable and much more personable, nothing beats a professional car service. Here’s why choosing a car service over public […]


  • Tips for Impressing High-End Clients and Guests

    It’s always a little stressful when you’re expecting an important out-of-town visitor or high-end business client. The key to a successful meeting is preparation, and there are luckily a number of simple ways to impress guests while also tending to the business at hand. Here are a few tips for accommodating, and impressing, VIP clients […]


  • Business on the Road: Tips for Getting Work Done While Traveling

    Professionals who do a lot of traveling for work know that the road isn’t always the most ideal place for productivity. But it doesn’t have to be this way—with the right tricks, getting work done while moving from A to B can feel effortless. Here are a few tips for staying productive and getting good […]


  • Limousine Etiquette for Children

    Remember the movie Home Alone 2? There’s a great scene where Macaulay Culkin’s character takes a limo to the toy store. Along the way, he enjoys a hot cheese pizza in the back seat and drinks Coca-Cola out of a champagne glass. The scene works so well because the viewer sees just how much Kevin […]


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