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Touring Chicago On A Budget - Echo Limousine

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco—all great American cities, but not easy to tackle for travelers on a budget. Chicago, on the other hand, has plenty of sights, experiences, and fun to offer cost-conscious visitors. Here’s your guide to touring the Windy City without breaking the bank.

Planning Ahead

Chicago summers can be very hot and humid, and the city’s winters are guaranteed to be snow-heavy and windy. Try to schedule a trip during the spring or fall, when the weather is more likely to be pleasant and the crowds will stay at a minimum. Off-season dates are also likely to be cheaper, so long as you avoid major shopping times, holidays, and festivals or other special events.

Eating on a Budget

Dining options in Chicago are virtually limitless, so there are plenty of budget-friendly choices to combat the pricier fancy joints. The city’s famous deep-dish pizza is a good place to start: it’s classic, delicious, found everywhere, and very filling. Affordable grub can also be found in the Loop area, but be advised that these restaurants often fill up with office workers around lunch time. Also, try dining apps like Open Table to check menus, make reservations, and discover new favorites.

Attractions, Sights, and Entertainment

Many of the things to see and do in Chicago are free of charge. Visitors can get a ride to the city’s sprawling Loop area and spend the day walking, sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying views of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The Windy City’s parks are also great places to tour on a budget; Millennium Park is a Loop-area favorite, offering a variety of public art, natural beauty, and year-round festivals and events.

Entertainment can be enjoyed for less if you know where to look. Northwestern University, for example, has one of the nation’s best college theater programs, and tickets to a show cost a fraction of the bigger productions downtown. Chicago is also home to numerous jazz and comedy clubs, many of which would be perfect for an affordable night on the town.

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