The Great Debate: Professional Car Service or Public Transportation?

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Public transportation options like cabs, trains, and buses are great for everyday professionals and commuters, offering a convenient and affordable way to get from A to B as needed. But when needing something a little more reliable and much more personable, nothing beats a professional car service. Here’s why choosing a car service over public transportation for work travel, special events, and more makes sense.

Personalized Travel

Limo services and other private transportation options offer a level of personalization that public transportation just can’t beat. Subways, streetcars, cabs, buses, and other public options don’t necessarily go everywhere, and they definitely don’t reliably get riders where they need to go on time. Hiring a private car service ensures that time-and-place needs are met every single time.

Privacy Matters

Many professionals choose private car services over public options because they offer privacy and silence. It’s a lot harder to write an important email or participate in a conference call from a noisy subway car or in the backseat of a cab with a talkative driver. Taking the extra step to hire a private car can make the difference between extra productivity and stressful, unpredictable travel timeā€”it’s the best way to work on the go.

Available When Needed

Public transportation options typically have standard hours of operation, which are based on the daily schedules of their most frequent commuters. Unfortunately, work responsibilities don’t always operate within these pre-determined timetables. Hiring a private car service ensures that riders get where they need to be on time, every time, no matter how late or early.

Echo Limousine is Chicago’s obvious choice for top-notch private transportation for work, special events, and more. To learn about our services, vehicles, and rates, contact us online or text/call (773) 774-1074 to reserve a vehicle today.

Need a reliable Chicago car service?

We offer seamless transportation services in Chicago, with rides to and from airports, surrounding suburbs, and out-of-state destinations. Navigate Chicago with ease by choosing Echo Limousine for your next trip.

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