What to Do If Your Flight Gets Delayed or Canceled

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What to Do If Your Flight Gets Delayed or Canceled

Air transportation comes with more than its fair share of headaches, but there’s one nightmare passengers all have in common: a canceled flight. The thought of scrambling to find alternative transportation, or possibly even spending the night in the airport, can be paralyzing. However, being prepared can help. Here’s what to do in the case of a canceled or delayed flight.

Know Air Traveler’s Rights

No one likes to hear it, especially those traveling for business or flying with kids, but flight cancellations are surprisingly common. In fact, around 100,000 flights were canceled in 2014 alone, which is roughly one in 35, according to Forbes. Because of this, airlines generally have some type of contingency plan for travelers who are displaced due to cancellations. Depending on the circumstances of the cancellation, most carriers will give passengers a refund or a seat on the next available flight. Some airlines will even rebook the next possible flight with another airline, although this practice isn’t common. The best practice is to be aware of an airline’s policy before booking the flight, just in case things go wrong.

Ask About Compensation

Sometimes a cancellation can mean a delay of just an hour or so, but it can also mean a delay of several hours to a full day. In this case, ask about meal or hotel vouchers. Airlines are often authorized to give passengers these compensations, sometimes including transportation or car services, but they usually won’t give them out unless asked.

Scrutinize Compensation Options

Many of the airline’s offers may seem generous at first, but it’s important to know all of the options before proceeding. Signing for or accepting any offers or freebies too early could mean waiving eligibility for additional compensation down the line. In general, gate agents will reveal all potential compensation if asked, and if not, one can call the airline directly for more information before agreeing to anything.

Consider Traveler’s Insurance

Infrequent fliers may go years before benefiting from traveler’s insurance, but for those who travel on a regular basis, it may pay for itself. After all, people who travel very often have a much higher possibility of experiencing canceled, delayed, or diverted flights. Travel insurance can be particularly worthwhile for trips with multiple wings. For example, for someone taking a flight to catch a cruise or someone who booked time-sensitive airport transportation services upon landing, travel insurance can provide compensation for these costs.

Although having a flight canceled can be a stressful experience, it doesn’t mean the rest of the trip has to be miserable. For reliable transportation from the moment you touch down, call Echo Limousine at (773) 774-1074 or book online today!

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