Top 3 Reasons to Avoid the Airport Parking Lot and Hire a Car Service

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Getting to the airport is a stressful process for many travelers. Since most people already have cars of their own, they simply pay the daily parking fee, park at an airport lot, and catch their flight, leaving their car unattended for days at a time. Rather than hunting for a parking space, hire an airport car service instead!

airplane flying over an airport parking lot with cars parked

Car Services Save Money

Airport parking lots are pricey, and the closer they are to the airport, the more expensive those spaces become. Though an airport car service may seem like a luxury, it saves passengers money on parking fees, especially if the budget lots are full or if they will be gone for long periods of time. Rather than paying by the day, travelers pay one fee to be dropped off at the airport — no more wasting money on daily parking charges!

Get to the Airport on Time

The budget lots are often located several miles away from the airport terminal. While most lots provide shuttles to help travelers get to the airport, the shuttles are often slow, crowded, and inconvenient. Passengers must wait for the shuttle to arrive at their airline’s terminal location and with that extra element of unpredictable timing, travelers might find themselves cutting it close to boarding time. Airport car service drivers drop travelers off at their terminal on time, every time. There’s no waiting for the shuttle in inclement weather or counting down the minutes while other passengers get on and off.

Clean Cars and Friendly Drivers

Taxis and airport shuttles see a lot of use, making them difficult to keep clean day after day. Private car services keep their cars clean and well maintained. If there’s a problem with a vehicle, or the car is dirty, it doesn’t get used.

Travel doesn’t have to be stressful. Hire an airport car service driver and get to the airport on time. See why so many people trust Echo Limousine to reduce the stress associated with air travel.

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