How to Avoid Germs When You Fly

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Flying is the transportation of choice for millions of travelers, and although it’s a safe and fast way to travel, it also means being exposed to countless germs. Here’s how to keep travel safe and clean.

Start the Night Before

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Before the car service even picks passengers up for their flight, travelers can begin defending themselves against germs. The best way to protect oneself is to stay healthy in advance of the trip by getting plenty of sleep, especially the night before a flight. Staying hydrated can also boost the immune system as well as prevent skin from growing dry, cracked, and vulnerable to infections while traveling.

Wear Socks

One of the simplest ways to avoid picking up germs at the airport is to wear socks. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, American flyers are required to take their shoes off when passing through security, including at Midway Airport and O’Hare Airport. Wearing socks is a great way to prevent picking up germs and transporting them to a car service, limousine rental, hotel, or whatever the next stop is.

Wipe Down Eating Surfaces

The fastest route for germs to attack the body is through the mouth. This is why in addition to making sure hands stay clean, it’s important to wipe down any food surfaces while flying. Most importantly, be sure to wipe down tray tables with an alcohol-based hand wipe to kill any germs, as the flight crew often does not sanitize the trays between flights. This also applies to any meals eaten in public airport seating: give those surfaces a quick wipe down before digging in.

Wash Hands After Using Shared Items

Germs can live on many surfaces in a plane, most of which are not sanitized between flights. In order to play it safe, it’s a good idea to use hand sanitizer after using any shared items or spaces. This includes in-flight entertainment remotes, seatback magazines, and the surfaces of touch screens. Luckily, the same concerns don’t apply to the armrests, whose surfaces don’t promote bacteria growth.

Dodge the Bathroom

On short flights, be sure to use the restroom at home before even getting into an airport car service. Because of their size and frequent use, airport bathrooms are a great place to pick up germs. However, for longer flights, using the bathroom is generally unavoidable. If using the restroom is a must, treat it like any public restroom—in other words, try to limit contact with surfaces as much as possible and wash hands thoroughly after use.

From germs and sanitation to schedules and destinations, traveling is complicated enough without worrying about a car service. To make sure airport transportation is taken care of, learn about our airport pickup services by visiting Echo Limousine online or calling us at (773) 774-1074.

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