The Benefits of Car Service Over Airport Rentals

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Benefits of Car Service Over Airport Rentals - Echo Limousine

Even people who only travel a few times a year know how stressful it can be to get transportation to and from the airport. This hassle is compounded by the headache of trying to find transportation once the plane touches down. Although professional drivers and car rentals both provide reliable airport transportation, there are numerous benefits to booking a private car.

Reliable Service

Unfortunately, arriving at a car rental agency to find that the vehicle reserved online is no longer available is a rather common experience. This issue is often caused by other renters who have returned their cars late or to another location, meaning a reserved rental car is never truly guaranteed. For professional car transportation services, their reputations and operations are reliant on prompt arrivals and smooth service.

Trustworthy Experience

Many travelers enjoy visiting new cities and exploring unfamiliar environments on a regular basis. However, planning itineraries and learning new information about each stop on a trip can be overwhelming. Staying informed is the key to staying safe and starting a journey off on the right foot, even though having to do research and look up maps right after a long flight can be stressful. This is where reserving a car service has another major benefit. Navigation apps can help travelers find their way to notable landmarks in most cities, but professional drivers are usually locals who have firsthand knowledge of the area. They’re often able to answer questions about the city and its neighborhoods by sharing their personal experiences.

Increased Safety

Because professional drivers are familiar with the cities they’re navigating, it’s often safer to trust them rather than trying to navigate one-way streets and dead ends alone. A car service can help travelers avoid dangerous areas, driving in rush hour traffic, and dealing with potentially hazardous weather conditions.


After spending hours on a flight without internet access, people often need to reconnect so they can find a ride immediately after landing. That often means making phone calls or using an app in a cramped plane cabin while trying to disembark. Having a professional driver take care of airport transportation for corporate travel means it’s easy to get back to work during long trips from the airport to the hotel. In fact, many people hire a professional driver for the duration of their trip so that their transportation needs are secured in advance.

Cost Considerations

Because hiring a professional driver is often considered a luxury, many assume that it will be significantly more expensive than renting a car. However, many professional car services offer affordable rates, and hiring a car service helps people avoid extra costs. This includes parking fees, rental insurance, and buying gas. When visiting a major city for a special event, all of these fees can add up quickly.

With the safety, security, and convenience they provide, professional drivers can make traveling a less stressful experience. For more information about Echo Limousine’s services, text or call (773) 774-1074 today or book our airport transportation service online.

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