(Gratuity Included)


  • Four Famous Limo Scenes From Movies

    There’s nothing more suave than the movie scene where someone pulls up in a limo, rolls down the window, and delivers a blockbuster line. There’s something about it that can elevate a moment from flat to iconic. That’s exactly the effect that limos had on these four famous movie scenes. 2012 (2009) Sometimes, the hero […]


  • Haute History: The Origins of the Limousine

    Limousine service is a common part of seminal modern celebrations like weddings and proms. However, before the invention of the automobile form of the limo in the early 1900s, chauffeured rides in gold-gilded horse-drawn carriages were all the rage in the 1700s. The Early Days of the Limousine The term “limousine,” referring to a vehicle […]


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